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PET PMMA PC sheet machine

Product Name :PET PMMA PC sheet machine


PET PMMA PC sheet machine have advantages of tight ,machine structure good specify and the screw and barrel all made in nitride alloy steel, could make the material plasticlizer equal and have high output and long usage.

The screw is designed of special mixing function and high plasticization capacity.

The special designed T-type mould ensures a precise control to the thickness of the board.
The accurate temperature control (±1°C) can precisely control the plasticization process, thickness and smoothness of board.
The three-roller calendar adopts horizontal, vertical or 45°tilt type installation, with up-down lifting mode.
The thickness of board is controlled by screw and pressing roller in two directions.
The separate roller temperature control system can precisely control the pressing roller temperature to ensure a even thickness.

Cutting machine can cut the sheet with accurate length and quantity.
The winding device uses big torque motor, can freely regulate the winding speed and tension. 
The automatic meter countering device can pre-set the length of the product.

Product features: the sheet is single layer or multi-layer according to customer’s requirement. The sheet is of even thickness, the surface is smooth and flat, the sheet can be made of different designs. The sheets are mainly used as package material for food, milk, medicines, meat, cosmetics, etc.